1. Griffin

    The King of Wales after Caradoc, his brother. As Caradoc grew old and infirm, he gradually relinquished more power to his brother, but Griffin coveted the entire throne. Eventually Griffin had Caradoc murdered during a hunt. The noblemen of Wales were suspicious, but Griffin kept them silenced through fear.

    He tried to murder Caradocís children, Meriadoc and Orwen, but they were saved by Ivor, their foster-father, and taken into hiding. Meriadoc eventually arrived at Arthurís court and, after winning favor, convinced Arthur to summon Griffin for trial.

    Griffin refused and fortified himself in Snowdon, but a domestic revolt combined with Arthurís siege led him to surrender. He was properly tried and executed, and his kingdom was given to Meriadoc.

  2. Griffin

    A smith from Carmarthen who made weapons for Uther Pendragon, including a magnificent spear which was used by Arthur to defeat Frollo.