1. Gweir

      A warrior who was the son of Geirioedd. He was imprisoned in Annwn, the Welsh Otherworld, and may have been rescued by Arthur.

    2. Gweir

      One of Arthurís warriors and advisors. His father was Gwestyl. He was one of the three knights that Peredur saw as a youth, prompting him to begin his own career as a knight.

    3. Gweir, Brothers

      Four brothers, all named Gweir, who were Arthur's maternal uncles - "the uncles of Arthur, the brothers of his mother" - and sons of Llwch Windy Hand (Llwch Lleminawc) "from beyond the surging/Tyrrhene sea". This identifies Arthur's mother as Eigyr, daughter of Anlawdd Wledig.

      One of the brothers are referred to as Gweir ap Geirioed, and a prisoner of the Triad and most likely Preiddeu Annwn.

      The brothers' names were:

      1. Gweir son of Cadellin Silver-brow

        He is mentioned among the brothers in Culhwch, even though his name implies he is the son of Cadellin Silver Brow.

      2. Gweir Dathar WenÓdawc
        'Servant of Birds', 'Servitor of Birds'

        Gweir had a daughter named Tangwen. He is also found in Rhonabwy.

      3. Gweir Falsevalour
        Gweir False Valor

      4. Gweir Paladyr Hir

      5. Gweir White Shaft

Gweir, can mean 'hay', 'collar', 'circle', 'loop', or 'bend'.
It may be the source of the Breton Guerec, or Erec, and may also be the origin of Gaheris.