Gwynned, Venedocia

A medieval kingdom in North Wales, and still the name of a county or region within that country. In Latin it was known as Vendotia, the home of Vendotii (Venetii).

The earlier kings are legendary, but about the Arthurian time are thought to have been Einion (until AD 443), Cadwallon I (Catwallaun Law-Hir) (AD 443-517) and the famous Maelgwyn (AD 517-47). The Annales Cambriae tell us that Maelgwn was the king of Gwynned until 537, when he died of a plague. Cadwallon is mentioned by Geoffrey as Arthur's contemporary.

Vortigern arrived here looking for a place to build a fortress as a defense against the Saxons. He found a spot in the mountains of Eryri, or Snowdon.

Gwynedd consisted of the counties of Anglesey, Carnarfon, and Denbigh; it was sometimes applied to all North Wales, according to The Place-names in Wales (1912).

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