1. Helie
      Elene, Elias, Elie, Heliae, Helie, Helies, Helyes

      The lady-in-waiting for Queen Esmeree the Blonde of Snowdon.

      When Esmeree’s city was cursed by two sorcerers, Helie traveled to Arthur’s court to find a knight to save her lady. She was infuriated when Arthur gave her the young, inexperienced Guinglain, who at that time was called simply 'Fair Unknown'.

      Helie and her dwarf, Tidogolains, rode off in a huff, but Guinglain pursued them and convinced them to let him try the adventure. Helie realized she had been mistaken about Guinglain when Guinglain proved himself worthy in a number of combats, and when he eventually completed the adventure and freed Esmeree.

    2. Helie

      A knight who served King Uriens during Uriens' rebellion against Arthur. He was pursuing Aces.

    3. Helie of Ragres
      Helis d'Aragre, Helyes de Ragres

      A noble knight in the service of Galehaut.

      He asked for and received the privilege of guarding the North Wales Bridge (North Wales Causeway) - one of the only passages in to Galehaut’s land of Sorelois - after Gawain defeated the prior guardian in combat.