1. Kay
      Cai, Caie, Caius, Cay, Cayous, Cei, Che, Cheudo, Chieso, Cheix, Coi, Gues, Kae, Kai, Kaye, Kaynus, Kayous, Kazin, Ke, Kei, Keie, Keii, Keis, Kenis, Kes, Keu, Keul, Keuls, Keux, Keuz, Kex, Key, Keye, Keys, Koi, Kois, Ky, Qes, Quei, Queis, Ques, Quex, Qui, Quio, Quois

      Arthur's seneschal, and in later legends, his foster-brother. [More]

    2. Kay of Estral
      Kay of Estraus, - Destran, - d'Estranx; Kes, Keu, Keus, Keux, Kex d'Estrans, Key, Ques, Quex; - d'Estrangor, - d'Estrans, - d'Estraus, - d'Estraux, - d'Estrax

      A minor Knight of the Round Table who first appears in Chrétien’s Erec. In the Vulgate Merlin, he is one of the young nobleman that Gawain leads against the Saxons; Arthur knights him in gratitude. In the Vulgate Lancelot, he is one of knights that Lancelot frees from the Dolorous Prison. He lived in the Valley of No Return, having pledged to his wife to remain there until the Valley was destroyed. The Post-Vulgate Mort Artu says that he was killed fighting Mordred’s army at the battle of Salisbury.

      He is among Arthur's knights in the list Chrétien de Troyes begins in line 1691 of Erec and Enide. Chrétien also menstions him again as fighting in the Noauz tournament, with a shield made in Toulouse but not otherwise described.

      Kay of Estral is the uncle of Kehedin li Petit or le Biaus (Kahedins).

      He should not be confused with Kay the Seneschal; I think, however, that he might be identified with Kainus le Strange.

    3. Kay's shin bone

      About the start of the reign of Elizabeth I (1558), a shin bone a yard long was discovered on Anglesey. Nearby was a stone bearing Kay's name, so some concluded it was the shin of Arthur's warrior Kay, although this opinion was not universal.

    4. Kay the Strange
      Key de Stranges

      A Knight of the Round Table who fought for Arthur at the Leverzep tournament in Malory. He also appeared at the healing of Sir Urry. He may be the same character as Kay of Estral, Malory having misread Kay D’Estral as Kay l’Estrange.