1. Maen Arthur

      The name of a stone which can no longer be identified which had a hollow in it where Arthur's horse had stepped. It was in the vicinity of Mold (Clwyd).

      Another stone called Maen Arthur is in Maen Arthur Wood near Llanafan (Dyfed).

    2. Maen Arthur Wood

      A forest near Llanafad, Dyfed. Here is a stone also called Maen Arthur.

    3. Maen Tyriawg

      A location, near Ffestiniog, where Gwydion fab Dn met and killed Pryderi, using his magic. Pryderi is said to be buried here, but it is also said to be in the Enelynion Beddau.

      In Abergenoli is the grave of Pryderi,
      Where the waves beat against the shore.

Maen means a stone. The word maenor, which meant a division of land marked by stones, derived from maen.

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