1. Morgan

      An illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Tintagel, distinct from Morgan Le Fay, who married Nentres.

    2. Morgan

      The Duke of Brittany in the Thomas of England branch of the Tristan (Tristram) legend. He went to war with Tristan’s father, Rivalin or Rouland, who was Morgan’s vassal (the stories differ as to who started the war). The initial war was destructive and a truce was called for a year. At the end of the year, the war resumed and Morgan killed Rivalin.

      Tristan, born soon afterwards, was hidden from the vengeful Morgan by Rual or Rohand, his father’s steward; later, Tristan returned to claim his ancestral land of Parmenie, and he killed Morgan when Morgan refused.

      Sir Tristrem gives him three brothers, all killed by Tristan: Morholt, Urgan, and Beliagog.

    3. Morgan

      A type of Breton water-fairy, more usually known as Mari-Morgan(s).

    4. Morgan de la Porte

      Brother to knight Patrise who is poisoned to death.

    5. Morgan Frych

      He was said to be the father of Merlin, according to tradition. He was sometimes identified as Madog Morfryn and sometimes said to have been a prince of Gwynedd, some sources even speculating that he is a historical character.

    6. Morgan Le Fay
      'Morgan the Fairy' | Feimurgan, Marguel, Morgain, Morgaine, Morgana, Morganna, Morgant la Fee, Morgein, Morghain, Morghana, Morgn, Morge, Morgue, Morguein, Morguen

      Two characters, two locations and six items. [More]

      1. Morgan Le Fay - Arthur's halfsister and a necromancer.
      2. Morgan's Castle
      3. Morgan's Chapel
      4. Morgan's Damsel and Mantle
      5. Morgan's Drinking Horn
      6. Morgan's Ointment(s)
      7. Morgan's Powder
      8. Morgan's Ring
      9. Morgan's Shield

    7. Morgan Mwynfawr

      The owner of a magical form of transport, described as either a chair or a car, which could carry a person seated in it to wherever he or she wanted to go.

      This magical item was known as Cadair, Neu Car Morgan Mwynfawr, and it numbered among the Thirteen Treasures of Britain. Some commentators have incorrectly sought to identify the ownership of this enchanted mode of travel with Morgan Le Fay.

    8. Morgan the Black

      In Rauf de Buon's Petit Brut, one of Arthur's sons, and the favorite. His brothers were Adeluf III and Patrick the Red.

    9. Morgan the Red

      One of the numerous sons attributed to Arthur.

    10. Morgan the Wise

      A wizard who created a jar of magical ointment that was used by the Lady of Norison to heal the insane Sir Yvain in Chrétien's Yvain, the Norse Ivens Saga, and the medieval tale of Ywain and Gawain. Chrétien and Ivens call Morgan a female, but the Ywain mentions Morgan as a male. Chrétien, the originator of the character, probably had Morgan Le Fay in mind.

    11. Morgan Tudd

      Arthur's chief physician in the Welsh Geraint. He treated Arthur's warriors, including Edern (Yder) and Geraint. The author may have simply confused the gender of Morgan Le Fay.