1. Norholt
      Norhout, Norot

      In the Prose Tristan, a city in Cornwall.

      Norholt later became one of King Markís courts. In La Tavola Ritonda, the city is called Brioda. In Palamedes, Meliadus is slain by vassals of Morholt, of which "Norholt" may simply be a variation. It may also be related to the city of Nohaut.

    2. Norholt, Count of

      The Count of Norholt ordered the death of Meliadus (Meliodas), Tristanís father, because a seer had told him that Meliadusís lineage would destroy the house of Norholt. The prophecy was fulfilled when Tristan, in revenge for his fatherís death, killed the Count and his family.