1. Northumberland
      Hortoberlande, Norhomberlande, Norhorbelande, Nortdumberlande, Nortellande, Northumberlande, Northunberlande, Nortoberlande, Nortomberlande, Nortublande, Nortumbellande, Ortablande, Ortublande

      A kingdom in the north of Britain, just south of Scotland - the general area we know by the same name.

      King Clarion of Northumberland was an early enemy of Arthur, but the two eventually allied. Various texts name Northumberland as the home of Blaise, a friend of Merlins, and of the knights Balin and Balan.

      In Paolino Pieriís La Storia di Merlino, it is Merlinís home. In Girart DíAmiensí Escanor, Northumberland is ruled by Cador, and Claris et Laris names its ruler as Detors. The Vulgate Merlin sometimes describes it as a city. In the Vulgate Lancelot, its king goes to war with the Lady of Nohaut, but his champion is defeated by Lancelot.

      In Meriadeuc, its king lusts after Guinevere and is promised the queen by his lord, King Ris of Outre-Ombre, but Risís attempt to conquer Arthur and kidnap the queen is thwarted.

    2. Northumberland, Forest of

      Here Blaise, Merlin's former teacher, settled down and wrote the chronicles of Merlin's life.