The Orkneys

Dorkain, Dorkaine, Dorkaines, Orcaine, Orcania, Orcanie, Orcany, Orchaine, Orkanie, Orkenise, Orkenye, Ortaine

Phyllis Ann Karr suspect that "Orkney" in Arthurian lore included more than simply the Orkney Islands - that it might include all Scotland south to Lothian.

In the last pages Chrétien de Troyes wrote, he has Orkney as a city where Arthur holds court. Chrétien's Orkney lies two full traveling days (north of?) the area of Canguin and Orqueneseles, and seems to be on the mainland.

This apparently puzzled Hilka, who noted that the Orkneys are islands, not a city - Orcanie. It would seem more or less to bear out my own earlier guess, at least as far as the place name being applied a little differently in the context of medieval Arthurian romance.

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