1. Pontius Anthony
      Poince; Poinces Anthoines, - Anthonies; Poinchon Anthoine; Ponce Antiaume, - Antoines; Ponche Antoine, Ponices Anthonies, Pontius Antonius, Pounce Antony, Pounce and Antonye, Pounces and Antonyes

      A Roman senator sent to France, by Julius Caesar, to help King Claudas conquer lands belonging to King Ban of Benoic (Lancelotís father) and King Bors of Gannes.

      Duke Frollo of Germany, Pontiusís cousin, was also part of the mission. Arthur and Merlin brought an army to counter the invasion, and defeated Pontius Anthony at the battle of Briosque. He returned to Rome, raised a new army, and invaded Benoic (Benwick) again. Although the attack was successful, Pontius Anthony was slain in battle by King Ban.

    2. Pontius Pilate

      The biblical Roman procurator of Judea, Samaria, and Idumaea who condemned Jesus Christ to be crucified.

      According to the Grail legends, Joseph of Arimathea was one of Pilateís knights, before Josephís conversion to Christianity. Pilate gave Christís body to Joseph, expecting that Joseph intended to defile it. Joseph, however, placed the body in a holy sepulcher.