1. Priamus
      Pryamus, Pryan

      A chaplain who Arthur appointed Archbishop of York after the city was reclaimed from the Saxons.

    2. Priamus

      A Saracen knight of Tuscany, descended from Alexander, Hector, Joshua, and Macabaeus, he was the

      right inheritor of Alexandria and Africa, and all the out isles.

      In Arthur's war against Emperor Lucius, the Saracens were allies of Rome, and Gawaine encountered and fought Sir Priamus in Italy. They wounded each other almost to death, but luckily Priamus had a balm which healed their wounds within an hour; this same balm was the only thing that could cure a wound from Priamus' sword.

      Priamus eagerly converted to Christianity, became a companion of the Round Table, and was made Duke of Lorraine.

      He was among those killed when Lancelot rescued Guenevere from the stake.

    3. Priamus' Balm

      When wounds were anointed with this balm and then washed from a vial of the four waters that came out of Paradise, the wounds healed within an hour. This worked for any wound; it was also the only way wounds from Priamus' sword could be staunched.

      Lynette may have gotten this balm from Priamus and used it to heal at least one knight of her own. Since her ointment seems to have required no washing with the four waters of Paradise, however, I imagine she had her own magical healing potion.

    4. Priamus' Sword

      Only Sir Priamus' balm could staunch the bleeding of a wound made with his sword.