A warrior who appeared in the Guillaume d'Orange cycle of Arthurian stories.

The hero of the French romance Le Bataille de Loquifer, he was taken to Avalon by Morgan Le Fay and other fairies, and there he met Arthur. He became the lover of Morgan Le Fay, but soon left, though he was said to have fathered Corbon on Morgan Le Fay.

The jilted sorceress persuaded Kapalu to sink Renoart's ship, but he was rescued by sirens (a siren being a sea nymph from classical mythology whose singing was thought capable of luring sailors to their deaths on the rocks).

The hero of the French La Bataille de Loquifer, who also appears in the Chanson de Guillaume and Aliscans. The texts are part of the non-Arthurian William of Orange Cycle, written in France in the thirteenth century.

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