1. Royal Knights

      A trio of Arthur's knights - Nascien, Mordred, and Llew - in Welsh legend, who were handsome, wise, and skilled in arms.

      The inclusion of Mordred in this list is interesting, and this description of him is unique to Welsh legend. Hoel is also said to be one of the three Royal Knights, calling him wise, skilled at arms, and handsome.

    2. Royal Lay

      A story about Tristan written by Arthur.

    3. Royal Minster

      A nunnery in Gaul to which Elaine of Benwick (Lancelotís mother) fled after her husband died and her land was conquered by King Claudas. She was soon joined by her sister-in-law, Evaine (King Borsís widow) when Claudas conquered Gannes.

      She founded this minster and convent in Benwick, France, on the hill where the French Damsel of the Lake had taken the infant Lancelot.

      Evaine died at the Royal Minster after receiving a vision in which she saw her sons, Lionel and Bors, and Elaineís son, Lancelot, in the safe care of the Lady of the Lake.

    4. Royal Seat
      Seggio Reale

      Arthurís seat at the Round Table.