Afflurne, Habren, Hafren, de Lauernie(?), Sabrina, de Saone, Saonne, Savarne, Saverne, Seurne, Syvarne

An English river.

It begins in Central Wales, arcs out through west England, and empties into the Bristol Channel. Severn is the modern name for the River Habren, which was known as the Sabrina by the Romans.

According to the Vulgate it is said to be on the border of Norgales.

In Culhwch, Arthurís forces battle the boar Twrch Trwyth on the Severn. By driving the boar into the river and trapping him in the currents, the warriors Mabon and Cyledyr the Wild were able to great the needed shears and razor from between the boarís ears. The boar recovered and fled to Cornwall.

The river is referenced in continental romance, but the writers are confused about its location. In Malory, the Castle of Maidens is said to lie near the Severn.

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