1. Norgales
      Northgalis, North Wales

      To accommodate a border between Norgales and Cambenet, I would put the boundary far enough south to include most of Montgomeryshire in Norgales, following the Severn River partway. Kaleph (Caleph) is a castle in this subkingdom.<

      I have not quite been able to work out the relationship and histories of the various named and unnamed kings of Norgales. As a stopgap measure, I have tried at least to gather together those characters who seem connected with this part of the country.

      Kings of Norgales
      Agrippe(?) | The Legend of King Arthur
      Ryons | The Legend of King Arthur
      Tradelmans | The Legend of King Arthur
      Vadalon | The Legend of King Arthur

      Phelot | The Legend of King Arthur

    2. Norgales, Daughter of the King of

      Gawaine made love to her and possibly considered himself married to her, according to Vulgate III. I am not sure of which king of Norgales she was the daughter.

    3. Norgales, Handmaid of the Daughter of the King of

      Sir Sagramore is matched with her in Vulgate III.

    4. Norgales, Queen of

      She was one of four queens who kidnaped Lancelot and held him in Castle Chariot. The others were the Queen of Eastland, the Queen of the Isles, and Morgan le Fay.

      The Queen of Norgales appears at least thrice more in association with Morgan le Fay. Trying to rouse the enchantresses and wicked knights against Alisander le Orphelin, King Mark wrote "unto Morgan le Fay, and the Queen of Norgalis". The Queen of Norgalis is credited, along with Morgan, with putting the damsel into the scalding bath. Finally, the Queen of Norgales appeared with Morgan, the Queen of the Waste Lands, and Nimue in the ship that carried Arthur away after the last battle.

      From all of this, it seems likely that the Queen of Norgales was both Morgan's friend and associate, and the second most powerful sorceress in Britain, excluding the Lady of the Lake.