Espaigne, Espaingne, Espagne, Spayn, Spayne, Spyan

During the "Arthurian period", Spain was ruled by Visigoths.

In the chronicles, Spain is under Roman control, and its king, Alifatima or Meodras, joins Lucius in the war against Arthur. In Wolframís Parzival, it is ruled by King Kaylet. Der Pleier, in Tandareis and Flordibel, names Spain as one of Arthurís allies. In Claris et Laris, Spain is ruled by Savari and then Sir Claris.

Its most important role comes in the Icelandic Saga af Tristram ok Õsodd, where it is named as Tristanís homeland. Itís king, HlŲÚvir, was slain during an invasion. Tristanís grandfather, Patrocles, took control, but was soon killed, leaving it to Kalegras, Tristanís father. Kalegras also died, and Tristanís foster-father, Biring, took the throne. Biring was expelled by a pirate king named Turnes. Eventually, Tristan (Tristram) re-conquered it and served as king until his death.

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