The Fisher King or Grail King in Wolfram's Parzival. The lord of Munsalvęsche, he was Perceval's maternal uncle, son of Frimutel, and brother of Herzeloyde, Trevrizent, Schoysiane, and Repanse de Schoye.

He neglected his duties as Grail King by engaging in a joust for the love of Queen Orgeluse (Orguelleuse), and was wounded in the groin as punishment. Because of the festering wound, he lived in excruciating pain, but could not die because he was sustained by the Grail. He was cured - after one failed attempt - when Perceval asked the Grail Question. Perceval succeeded him as Grail King.

His name may be a variation of the Old French enfertez or enfermetez, meaning "infirmity".