1. Taulas and Taulurd
      Tauleas, Tawleas

      These two giants were brothers. Taulas is stated as living in Cornwall. He was a small enough giant to ride a horse. For seven years Taulas kept to his castle for fear of Tristram. One day, hearing that Tristram was dead, he came out to attack Sir Dinant (Dynaunt). Tristram was not dead, however, only wandering around mad, and at the instigation of nearby herdsmen he came to kill the giant.

      Taulurd was so large that no horse could carry him. He was a wily fighter who destroyed the lands of Earl Fergus and imprisoned ladies and knights in his own castle. Sir Marhaus killed him by driving him into the water and stoning him to death. Since Fergus later became Tristram's man, it is probable that Taulurd lived in or near Cornwall.

      A giant who once attacked Dinant in the forest, but the knight got the unexpected help of a naked young man, probably a fool, who succeeded to chop the giant's head off. With this under his arm, Dinant rode to his master King Mark in Cornwall, showed the head and told him about his adventure. King Mark took some of his knights, rode out to the forest, found the fool and took him home to his castle, where queen Isolde's little dog Petitcrû immediatly jumped up and recognized Tristram in the fool.

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    2. Taulas of the Desert

      Since a Taulas is among Arthur's knights in the list Chrétien de Troyes begins in line 1691 of Erec and Enide, and since Chrétien tells us that he never tired of arms, one can seriously doubt that he should be identified with Malory's apparently wicked giant Taulas, who spent seven years hiding in his own castle.

      In Lancelot, however, lines 5824-5842, Chrétien mentions a Taulas of the Desert fighting in the Noauz tournament, carrying a fine shield which came from Lyons on the Rhone and had been presented to him for some notable service, but which is not otherwise described.

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