1. Nascien

    A descendant of the first Nascien (Nascien d’Orberique), the son of Narpus, an ancestor of Galahad. Father of Alain the Large.

  2. Nascien
    Nacien, Nancien

    A Knight of the Round Table who became a hermit.

    According to the Vulgate Merlin, he was the son of Bron, the first Fisher King, and Joseph of Arimathea’s sister,  Havingues (Enygeus), which means, to be living in Arthur’s time, that he had an extremely long life span. His brothers included Alan and Joshua. The Livre d’Artus more reasonably makes him a descendant of the first Nascien.

    His prowess helped Arthur defeat King Rions at the battle of Aneblayse, the Saxons at the battles of Clarence and Vambieres, and King Claudas at the battle of Trebe.

    He traded his armor for a robe after he witnessed the Grail carried by a white stag. He retired to a hermitage and became a sage for Arthur’s knights during the Grail Quest. He may have tutored Galahad. He was visited by Gawain and Hector, and he told them both that they would not achieve the Grail because of their sins.

    Some commentators make the assumption that he is the same as the Nascien above, but this is unfounded.

  3. Nascien

    In Welsh legend, the son of the King of Denmark, and one of Arthur’s Three Royal Knights. He is described as wise, handsome, and skilled at arms. Likely, Welsh storytellers simply borrowed the name from the Grail stories.

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