Nightbringer | The Arthurian Online Encyclopedia

… and the work continues.

The entire section with King Arthur is now transferred to WordPress!

I am thrilled to announce that the entire Arthurian section has now found its home on WordPress! It’s been quite a journey, and while it’s taken its time, the work is far from over. Here’s what’s happening behind the scenes:

  1. Add Sources
    Sources will be added where there are none mentioned at the moment.
  2. General Editing of Layout
    Crafting the perfect layout for Nightbringer has been a labor of love, and as a webdesigner with a very creative streak it’s difficult to feel 100 % satisified. I want to ensure that your reading experience is seamless and immersive, whether you’re delving into the epic battles of knights or unraveling the mysteries of Merlin’s magic.
  3. Research on Characters and Locations
    While much has been written about the illustrious figures and places of Arthurian legend – and I have most of them on my site – there are a few that’s missing.

Below I will continuously add new and significantly updated pages.

Updated Pages