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Step into the realm of Arthurian events, where the echoes of ancient battles, tournaments, and quests resound through the corridors of time. From the grandeur of Camelot’s tournaments to the harrowing trails of the Quest for the Holy Grail, each event bears witness to the valor, intrigue, and romance that define the Arthurian saga.

Experience the fateful clash of arms att the Battle of Camlann, where King Arthur and his loyal knights face their ultimate reckoning. Witness the haunting specter of the Wild Hunt as it rides across the midnight sky, heralding potents of doom and destiny. Explore the mysteries of the Dolorous Stroke and other enigmatic occurrences that shape the course of Arthurian legend, weaving a tapestry of myth and magic that captivates the imagination.

Adventure of the Hart
A non-Arthurian adventure. [More]

Nine adventures. [More]

Arthurian Clubs
Clubs and societies around the world. [More]

Forty-one battles.

  1. Battle of Aneblayse
  2. Battle of Arfderydd
  3. Battle of Arthuret
  4. Battle of Badon
  5. Battle of Bamber Bridge
  6. Battle of Barham Down
  7. Battle of Bassus
  8. Battle of Bath
  9. Battle of Bristol
  10. Battle of Caerlaverlock
  11. Battle of Camlann
  12. Battle of Cat Coit Celidon
  13. Battle of Catraeth
  14. Battle of City of the Legions
  15. Battle of Colchester
  16. Battle of Crayford
  17. Battle of Dane Hill
  18. Battle of Darenth
  19. Battle of Ealing
  20. Battle of Episford
  21. Battle of Esterbury
  22. Battle of Godelonte Narrows
  23. Battle of Guinnion
  24. Battle of Lansdown Hill
  25. Battle of Lerlinte
  26. Battle of Liddington Castle
  27. Battle of Lincoln
  28. Battle of Linnuis
  29. Battle of Llongborth
  30. Battle of Mons Badonicus
  31. Battle of Metz
  32. Battle of Mount Agned
  33. Battle of Richborough
  34. Battle of Rockingham
  35. Battle of Scholes Bank
  36. Battle of Slaughter Bridge
  37. Battle of Soissons
  38. Battle of the River Thames
  39. Battle of Tregalen
  40. Battle of Tribuit
  41. Battle of Vellendrucher

Arthur’s twelve battles. [More]

Beheading Games
A Beheading Game typically involves a challenge to a knight. [More]

Cave Legend
Where Arthur and his knights are sleeping. [More]

What is chivalry? [More]

Dolorous Stroke
The stroke which caused the Waste Land to be rendered barren, making the Grail Quest necessary. [More]

Grail […]
Two entries.

  1. Grail Procession
  2. Grail Question

Helm Wind
A miniature hurricane. [More]

Last Supper
Where Jesus Christ used the Grail. [More]

An ability. [More]

Magic Dance
An enchantment in a forest. [More]

Round Tables
Festive events. [More]

An ability. [More]

Siege of Thong Castle
Vortimer laid siege to his father Vortigern. [More]

Sign of the Cross
A gesture. [More]

The War of the Twelve Kings
A war. [More]

Three […]
Eleven events/occasions from the Triads.

  1. Three Closures and Disclosures of the Island of Britain
  2. Three Concealments and Three Disclosures of the Island of Britain
  3. Three Defilements of the Severn | No entry
  4. Three Great Enchantments of the Island of Britain
  5. Three Great Exploits of the Island of Britain
  6. Three Harmful Blows of the Island of Britain | No entry
  7. Three Levies That Departed From This Land, And Not One Of Them Came Back
  8. Three Unfortunate Assassinations of the Island of Britain
  9. Three Unfortunate Counsels of the Island of Britain
  10. Three Unfortunate Hatchet-Blows of the Island of Britain
  11. Three Unrestrained Ravagings of the Island of Britain | No entry

Four entries.

  1. Tournament
  2. Tournament of the Dead Innocense
  3. Tournament of the Youth
  4. Tournament, Sparrowhawk

Ugly Appearance
An adventure. [More]

Wild Hunt
A supernatural hunt. [More]