Aiglin of the Vales

Aigilin, Aiglins; Aiglyn, Amis des Vaus, – Vaux, – Vax, – Vauls, -Vals; Aglin, Aglu, Ayglyn

An Arthurian knight introduced in the Vulgate Cycle as the nephew of Kay of Estral.

In the early days of Arthur’s reign, fought against the Saxons at the battle of Carhaix, against Raolais at Estremores, and against Agrippe in the Waste Land.

He participated in quests to learn the fate of Merlin and to locate Lancelot. He brought news of Lancelot’s conquest of Dolorous Guard to Arthur’s court.

He eventually became a companion of Kahedin and Gaheris of Carahew. In Claris et Laris, he saves some nuns from a marauder.