Baldac, Baldake, Bandes, Baudac

The capital of modern day Iraq. According to Wolfram, it was invaded by Babylonians in Uther Pendragon's time. Perceval's father Gahmuret aided the Baruc of Baghdad in fighting off the Babylonians and was killed during a battle.

The Vulgate Lancelot names it as the home of Sapient, one of Arthur's scribes. In the In the Alliterative Morte Arthure, it is subject to Lucius of Rome.

In the Prose Tristan, the King of Baghdad's daughter is loved by a Sarecen knight named Corsabrin. When she rejects him, he tells people she is insane. The maiden promises herself and her lands to Palamedes if he can defeat Corsabrin in combat, and Palamedes kills him during the tournament at Sorelois. Malory calls the maiden the daughter of "King Bandes".

According to Heinrich von dem Türlin, Arthur and his knights fought in a great tournament in Baghdad against three knights named Ansgir of Slaloi (Angsir), Gamur the Saracen, and Firus Bahandin. Heinrich calls Baghdad the capital of Babylonia, ruled by King Laamez.

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