1. Beautiful Forest

    The home of Claudin, a maiden saved by Arthur's Sir Tandareis. It was ruled by Claudin's parents, Moralde and Angnie.

  2. Beautiful Giantess
    Bele Jaiande

    The mother of Galehaut and Delice. The Prose Lancelot names her land as Estregor (perhaps Estrangor?), but in the Prose Tristan, she inhabits the Castle of Tears, on the Distant Isles, with her husband Brunor.

    Her husband followed a custom by which he compared a slain foe's lady with the Beautiful Giantess and slew whichever was least beautiful. The Beautiful Giantess invariably won the contest until Tristan (Tristram) came to the island with Isolde. Tristan killed Brunor in combat, and then slew the Beautiful Giantess because Isolde was more beautiful.

    The Italian La Tavola Ritonda gives her the proper name Bagotta (Bagota).

  3. Beautiful Pilgrim

    The name by which Alice, the wife of Alisander le Orphelin, became known.

  4. Beautful Wilderness

    A land ruled by Duke Eskilabon, a knight defeated by Arthur's Sir Garel. Its capital was Belamunt.

  5. Beautful Wood

    A forest in the domains of Mabuz, which is also called Beforet.