1. Garel

      An Arthurian knight whose story, Garel von dem blŁhenden Tal, was written by Der Pleier in the thirteenth century.

      His native land was Styria, but he had been awarded the Blooming Valley by Arthur. He was the son of Meleranz and Limmire, and was a maternal cousin of Perceval.

      Present at Arthurís court when King Ekuanver of Kanadic delivered a declaration of war, Garel accepted a mission from Arthur to scout Kanadic and report on Ekunaverís forces.

      Along the way, he was sidetracked by a number of adventures: he saved the castle Merkanie from a malicious attack; he liberated the prisoners of Duke Eskilabon of Belamunt; he slew the giants Purdan and Fidegart; and he saved Queen Laudamie of Averre (Laudame) from the demon Vulganus.

      After this last trial, he married Laudamie and became the king of Averre (Anfere). During each adventure, he gained allies and subjects, all of whom pledged their support in the war against Ekunaver. By the time he reached Kanadic, his army was large enough to defeat Ekunaver before Arthurís forces even arrived. For this, he was richly rewarded by Arthur. He settled down in Averre with Laudamie and became a noble and generous king.

      Der Pleier seems to have gained inspiration for Garel from Der Strickerís Daniel of the Blooming Valley, although Garelís name first appears in Hartmannís Erec and Wolframís Parzival as a Knight of the Round Table. He may be connected with Greu of the French Livre díArtus.

    2. Garel

      The King of Mirmidon.

      He was slain by the evil King Roaz of Glois who, in turn, was killed by Gawaine's son Wigalois.