Aesclamor, Eastrangore, Estraigorre, Estrangoire, Estrangore, Estrangorre, Estrangort, Estrangot, Estregor, Estrangort, Estragos, Estragot, Estregor, Estregorre, Strangore, Strangorre, Strangort, Strangot

A variant name applied to Ille Estrange, the kingdom of Vagor.

One of the several kingdoms in rebellion against Arthur in the early days of his reign. It bordered on North Wales and Cambenic. The Vulgate Merlin gives two separate rulers of the city-state: Caradoc Shortarm, King of Estrangor, and Brandegorre (Brandegoris) King of Stranggore; and the Vulgate Lancelot calls the King with a Hundred Knights its lord. This confusion may be resolved by making Estrangorre a country and Estrangort a city, but the names are not used this way consistently.

Arthur became overlord by treaty. It was also the home of the knight Gaswain.

Carados seems fairly common name, and the Vulgate's King Karados may be Malory's King Carados of Scotland.

Remembering Malory's "many kings in the north", I incline to this view and suggest the peninsula on the north shore of Solway Firth, between Luce Bay and Wigtown Bay, or even the whole area of land between Solway Firth and the Firth of Clyde. Alternatively, Karados might be identified with Malory's Cador of Cornwall, the father of Constantine, who became king after Arthur.