1. Bishop of Limor

    Brother of Sagremor (Sagramore) and the bishop of Lumeri.

  2. Bishop of Lumeri
    Black Cross (Monument)

    Brother of Sagremor and the bishop of Limor.

  3. Bishop of the Butterfly

    The name by which the historical Bishop of Winchester, Peter des Roches (1204-38), became known after he was given by Arthur the power of closing his hand and opening it again to reveal a butterfly.

    This gift was bestowed on him so people would believe that he had come across a house in which he found Arthur still alive.

  4. Bishop of the Thames

    In Gottfried's Tristan, this oddly-named religious figure advises Mark, who is confused over Isolde's possible infidelity with Tristan (Tristram), to ask Isolde to swear before the court that she is innocent.

    Isolde is able to swear, through a technicality in her speech, that she is faithful to Mark.