Borgoigne, Borgoine, Bourgoigne, Burgoigne, Burgon, Burgoyne

A region of southeast France.

In Wace, it was part of Arthur's empire, and ruled by Ligier (Leodegar).

In Layamon, after Arthur won the war against Lucius, he established his European capital in Burgundy. From here, Arthur planned to launch his attack on Rome, but had to depart the area when he heard of Mordred's treachery.

Lucius, according to Malory, pillaged and burned areas of Burgundy in the war. According to one medieval source, Burgundy was the birthplace of Guenevere.

In the Welsh tale of Geraint, the father of Arthur's warrior Ondyaw is called the duke of Burgundy. In the Vulgate Merlin, Dyonas, the Lady of the Lake's father, is a vassal of the duke of Burgundy.

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