Ambenic, Cambanyk, Cambenec, Cambenek, Cambenet, Cambeninc, Cambenyc, Cambenyk, Cambernic, Cambines, Canbernic, Candebenet, Chambenyc

A duchy in northern Britain, described in the thirteenth-century Lancelot as bordering on the kingdoms of North Wales and Estregor (Estrangor), although its location is nonetheless mysterious. It contained the city of Clarence.

There is perhaps a confusion with Cambria, the medieval name for Wales, or Cumbria, a kingdom bordering on Wales and Scotland. Ruled by Duke Escant during the early days of Arthurís reign, Cambenic was one of the countries in rebellion against Arthur. It was soon invaded by Saxons, and was the site of an epic battle in which Gawaine and his father and brothers showed extraordinary prowess. The Saxons were eventually repelled, and Cambenic made peace with Arthur.

Later, Cambenic went to war with North Wales. It may be the origin of the country Kanadic in German literature.

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