1. Lord of the Black Thorn
      Sire de la Noire Espine

      A nobleman who owned a piece of land in Arthur’s realm. When he died, his eldest daughter disinherited his youngest daughter and expelled her from the land.

      The younger daughter traveled to King Arthur’s court to appeal the case. Yvain agreed to champion her cause, and Gawain was assigned as the eldest daughter’s champion. After fighting for many hours, the two knights revealed their identities to each other, and both stopped fighting immediately. They both appealed to Arthur to award the judgment to the other. Arthur, recognizing that their self-sacrifice was a sign of love for each other, made an independent judgment in the case, awarding half the land to the wronged younger daughter.

    2. Lord of the Fens

      A malicious knight who waged war on Alain and Yglais, Perceval’s parents.

      He continued the war after Alain’s death, joining forces with Cahot the Red. Gawain defeated him and won Yglais a year’s peace, after which the Lord of the Fens was defeated again by Perceval. Perceval drowned him in a pool of his own knights’ blood.

    3. Lord of the Fens

      The ruler of the Castle of the Fens in the Vulgate Merlin. His daughter was the mother of Sir Hector of the Fens.

      He is properly called Agravadain the Black.

    4. Lord of the Fountain
      Black Knight of the Fountain

      The Welsh triads tells us that the Black Knight of the Fountain was defeated by Owain. Chrétien de Troyes calls him Esclados.

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    5. Lord of the Horn
      Sires del Cor

      Presented as the King of Ireland and Norois in the Second Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval. He ruled the Castle of the Horn in the Land of the Horn.

      The 'horn' to which his name refers hung outside his castle. Perceval blew it and summoned the Lord to battle. After defeating him in combat, Perceval sent the Lord of the Horn to Arthur’s court as a prisoner.

    6. Lord of the Rock

      An evil knight who siezed the castle of Gladoain after the latter’s death. Gladoain’s brother, the Knight of the Green Shield, sought help from Lancelot, who had been Gladoain’s friend. Lancelot killed the Lord of the Rock.

    7. Lord of the Scottish Wilderness

      The title of Estonne, a minor character in Perlesvaus. He was killed by Bruyant, his death being avenged by his son Passaleon.