1. Drian
      Adrian, Brian, Dornar, Doryan, Drians, Driant, Durnor, Durnore, Tryan

      Knight of the Round Table. Son of Pellinore (apparently his third in wedlock), brother of Perceval, Lamorat, Aglovale, Alain, and Tor.

      The bulk of his adventures are found in the Prose Tristan. With his brother Alain, he guarded a bridge and jousted with all passers-by. He defeated King Mark of Cornwall in combat. He visited Mark’s court with his brother Lamorat and defeated all of Mark’s knights except for Tristan (Tristram). An ongoing feud between Pellinore’s clan and Gawaine’s family eventually led to Drian being attacked by Agravain, Mordred, and Gawaine. After Drian defeated the first two, he was mortally wounded by Gawaine. His brother Lamorat died trying to avenge him.

      He seems to have met his death before or during Lancelot's sojourn with Elaine of Carbonek in the Joyous Isle (Castle of Bliant), for while Aglovale and Percivale are searching for Lancelot they visit their mother, who mourns the death of her husband Pellinore and two of her four sons.

      As Dornar he appears at Duke Galeholt's tournament in Surluse and at the attempt to heal Sir Urre.

      Malory calls him "Durnor", but includes two other knights named "Drian" and "Tryan", to whom he gives the adventures above, seemingly unaware that they are all the same person. "Durnor" is killed by Gawaine’s kin; "Drian" visits Mark’s court with Lamorat and is eventually killed when Lancelot rescues Guinevere from the stake; and "Tryan" guards the bridge with his brother Alain.

    2. Drian the Gay
      Adrian, Andeus, Briant, Diras, Doanz; Drians de la Forest, - Forest Salvage; Drians li Gais de la Forest Perilleuse, Drians li Gaiz, Drias, Driens, Traiiens, Trians

      A knight from the Wild Forest or Perilous Forest who helped fight the Saxons and the rebellious kings in the early days of Arthur’s reign. He was called "the Merry" or "the Gay". His father was Trahan the Gay, the lord of the Gay Castle, and his brother was Melian the Gay.

      He was wounded by Caradoc of the Dolorous Tower, and was imprisoned in a coffin from which only the best knight could remove him. Those who failed had to fight Caradoc, and Caradoc’s prison population thus rose dramatically. Lancelot managed to pull him from the coffin and later defeat Caradoc.