1. Golden Dragon

    The standard carried by King Arthur at the battle of Soissons against the Roman Procurator Lucius.

  2. Golden Eagle

    The standard carried by Lucius at the battle of Soissons against King Arthur.

  3. Golden Isle
    Golden Island, Ile d'Or

    The island and castle belonging to a fairy, called the Maiden of the White Hands (Pucelle aux Blanche Mains) in Renaut de Bâgé’s Le Bel Inconnu and the Dame d’Amour in Thomas Chestre’s Lybeaus Desconus.

    The Maiden decreed that any potential suitor would have to guard the island for seven straight years before she would marry him. For five years, the guardian was Malgier, but he was killed by Gawain’s son Guinglain. The Maiden so loved Guinglain that she lifted the seven-year requirement for him.

  4. Golden Ring, Youth with the

    Among Arthur's knights in Chrétien's list. I regret being unable to give the original French of his appellation, which may vary with the English translation.

  5. Golden-Tounged Knights

    A trio of Arthur’s knights. [More]