1. Gomeret
    Gomere, Gomoret, Gomorret, Gomet, Gormeret, Goumere, Goumeret

    The land ruled by King Ban, according to Chrétien de Troyes. R. S. Loomis thought it was a variation of Gwynedd in Wales. Most other writers give Ban’s realm as Benoic (Benwick). Most commonly, though, Ban is called the King of Brittany, leading to the assumption that Gomeret and Benwick were either alternative names for Brittany or sub-kingdoms within the realm of Ban.

    In Perlesvaus, Gomeret is a castle ruled by Marin the Jealous. Hartmann von Aue notes Beals as Gomeret’s lord, and in the Prose Tristan, it is the homeland of Morgan le Fay’s knights Helianz and Kaz.

  2. Gomeret the Immoderate
    Gomere, Goumere, Goumeret

    A knight who, with his companion Orguelleus the Fairy, killed Sir Cortois of Humberland, believing his victim to be Gawain. When they realized their mistake, Orguelleus resurrected Cortois.