1. Great Fool

    A nephew of Arthur and the hero of an Irish tale, Eachtra an AmadŠn Mor. His adventures owe something to Perceval or Peredur. He was raised in the woods, ignorant of his nobility because his family was Arthurís enemy, his brothers were killed for plotting against Arthur.

    When he came of age, he proved himself a skilled fighter by visiting Arthurís court and defeating Gawain, as well as three obscure knights known as the Red Knight, the Purple Knight, and the Speckled Knight.

  2. Great Goddess

    Common to many cultures and beliefs was the concept of a Great Goddess, at once benevolent and malevolent. It has been suggested that Arthur was the last of a long line of hereditary priests of the Great Goddess, though this concept has not acquired a great following.

  3. Great Spirits Spring

    A spring to which Arthur, according to an American legend, went to drink the healing waters. It was at Windfall Run, America.