The False Guenevere

In one tale, the False Guenevere takes Gueneveres place while she takes refuge with Lancelot in Sorelois. The False Guenevere and her champion Bertholai finally admit their deception and after the False Guenevere's death, the true Guenevere is restored to Arthur. By this time, Guenevere and Lancelot are irrevocably in love and Lancelot's struggle with his conscience keeps him away from Camelot pursuing quests.

Just when Guenevere and Lancelot came to the decision to end their affair for the good of the kingdom, Mordred, Arthur's illegitimate son, in the company of twelve other knights, captured them in the queen's chamber, but Lancelot, even though unarmed, managed to fight his way to freedom, killing all but one of the knights who sought to capture him.

Reluctantly Arthur tried his Queen and sentenced her to be burnt at the stake. Lancelot rescued her from the pyre and championed her cause in combat, thus earning her pardon. In this action he killed Gareth and Gaheris, Gawaine's brothers. Lancelot then exiled himself. Arthur was full prepared to travel to France to make his peace with Lancelot, but he took the advice of Mordred and instead went to war against his old friend.

While Arthur was away fighting Lancelot, Mordred declared his father dead and proclaimed himself king and announced Guenevere will become his wife. She consented to the forthcoming marriage, and, with Mordred's approval, travelled to London to buy all manner of things for the wedding. When there, she laid in supplies for the long siege and locked herself away within the Tower of London.

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