1. Tower Castle

      A castle in King Claudasís lands, where Claudas organized his armies in preparation for a war against Arthur. Arthur conquered it, and King Bors of Gannes bestowed it on the husband of the Lady of the Lake.

    2. Tower of Ambush

      The castle belonging to Sir Damas, where Arthur was imprisoned until he agreed to fight Accalon of Gaul.

    3. Tower of Enchantments

      In La Tavola Ritonda, the castle owned by the Wise Damsel, who ensnared King Meliadus, Tristanís father. Meliadus remained in the Tower of Enchantments until his nobles, at the direction of Merlin, rescued him.

      Many years later, Tristan (Tristram) and Isolde lived there for a time after they fled Markís court. Mark eventually stole her back.

      In the Prose Tristan, it is called the Rock of the Cornishwoman.

    4. Tower of Giants

      Lancelot lived here, at the Island of Joy, as the Wicked Knight (or at Castle Blank or Bliant's Castle) jousting every knight that came along.

    5. Tower of London

      A tower made up of several buildings on the Thames River in London and it wasn't built by William the Conqueror as many may think. The White Tower is the most important building in the Tower of London, it is the keep of the castle. The White Tower is one of the 21 towers which, together, form the Tower of London castle complex.

      Malory tells us that when Mordred after seizing the throne of Britain, announced his intention to marry Queen Guinevere, she fled and barricaded herself in the Tower of London to escape him, so it had to have been around in Arthur's time. Mordred arrived and besieged it, using cannon, but he had to break off the attack to meet the army of King Arthur at Dover.

      There is a story that England will fall if ever the ravens abandon the Tower of London. Bran the Blessed is associated with the Tower of London in the Welsh Triads, which might be the origin of the story.

    6. Tower of Marvels
      Tor des Marvelles

      A stronghold constructed by Duke Ganor at the behest of Josephus (Josephe), son of Joseph of Arimathea. It was built on top of the bodies of heathens who had refused to convert to Christianity and were struck dead. It stood until it was destroyed by Lancelot during a battle against Mordredís sons.

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    7. Tower of the Dead

      A monument built upon the plains of Salisbury to commemorate the final battle between Arthur and Mordred. It was constructed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and Sir Bleoberis, who hung Mordredís head from it.

    8. Tower of the Fens

      The tower where Meleagant (Meliagrant) imprisoned Lancelot so that Lancelot could not make his scheduled duel with Meleagant at Arthurís court. However, Meleagantís sister freed Lancelot.

    9. Tower of the Round Pine
      Tour du Pin Rond

      A castle owned by a belligerent lord. It was named after the pine tree that stood outside, where the owner hung his shield.

      Knights who wanted a fight would strike the shield and summon the lord. The lord was generally victorious, and he hung the shields of those he defeated on the towerís walls. Palamedes came along, jousted with him, and killed him.

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