1. Helin

      Son of Helin the Red (below) and brother of Alibon and Marran.

      He and Alexander the Orphan (Alisander le Orphelin) mortally wounded each other.

    2. Helin le Blank
      Hellaine, Helain, Elain, Elyan the White

      Like Percivale and Galahad, Helin, the son of Sir Bors and King Brandegoris' daughter, appears to have been knighted at the age of fifteen, and at about the same time as Galahad. He became a knight of the Round Table and "proved a good knight and an adventurous". He was eventually to become emperor of Constantinople.

      "Le Blank" signifies "the white" and is also an appellation of Elaine of Astolat; I find the resemblance in the names of two such different characters very interesting.

      Compare with
      Helain the White | The Legend of King Arthur

    3. Helin the Red

      A murderous knight born in incest.

      Rescued from two knights by Sir Guiron, he betrayed Guiron by tying him to a tree in the middle of winter, leaving him to freeze. Guiron was rescued by his friend, Danain the Red.

      Helin had sons named Alibon, Marran, and Helin.