1. Galahad

      Son of Joseph of Arimathea and Elyab, born in Britain, who became the first Christian king of Wales, then called Hocelice. He was conceived after Joseph arrived in Britain, and was born in the Christian stronghold of Galafort, which was named after him. He grew up to be an excellent knight, and his brother Josephus (Josephe) invested him with the kingdom of Hoselice, which was renamed Gales, or Wales, in his honor. He married the daughter of the King of the Distant Isles and fathered Lyanor.

      According to the Vulgate Estoire del Saint Graal, his descendants were Urien and Yvain, but the thirteenth-century Lancelot do Lac, he is named as the ancestor of Ban, Lancelot, Pelles, and Alan. He was apparently buried outside of Wales; during his quest to rescue Guenevere from Meleagant (Meleagaunce), Lancelot found Galahadís tomb and raised the slab, and monks took Galahadís body to Wales. Lancelot fulfilled the prophecy that whoever opened the tomb would end the evil customs of Gorre.

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    2. Galahad
      Galaad, Galahos

      The birth name of Lancelot du Lac.

      The Vulgate Lancelot tells us that Lancelot "lost" the name because of his affair with Guenevere, but passed it on to his pure son. Malory says that his name changed when he was christened by the Lady of the Lake.

      He is named as one of the Twenty-four Knights of King Arthur's Court.

    3. Galahad
      Galaad, Galad the lord of Pastures, Glaalanz de la Terre des Pastures

      The Saxon king of the Land of the Grazing-Grounds, who joined King Rionsí (Ryons) invasion of Carmelide. After Arthur defeated Rionsí army at Aneblayse, Merlin wove a magical fog which made Galahadís army collide with the forces of Amant, another enemy of Arthur. The two armies decimated each other.

      Is he perhaps identical with Glaalant?

    4. Galahad

      Alternative name for Galeholt, Duke of the Long Isles and of Surluse (Sorelois).

    5. Galahad

      Son of the British King Hipomenes.

      Galahad was loved by his own sister. When he rejected her, she fell under the power of a demon, was impregnated, and accused Galahad of rape. Hipomenes executed Galahad, and the Questing Beast was later born of Galahadís sister.

    6. Galahad
      Galaad, Galaas, Galaat, Galaç, Galade, Galas, Galasso, Galat, Galath, Galeas, Galeatto, Galeazzo, Galeotto, Gwalhwavad

      A chaste boy-knight, son to Lancelot and princess Elaine, who raised him with consultation with his father. He replaced Perceval as the Grail hero. [More]

    7. Galahad's Fountain

      A spring in the Perilous Forest. Before it was known by that name, it boiled constantly, and contained the head of King Lancelot, Lancelotís grandfather. Lancelot removed the head, but the fountain continued to boil until the Grail Quest, when Galahad plunged his hands into it and, because he had never known lust, caused it to cool.

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    8. Galahad's Miracle

      An abbey, formerly the Uther Pendragon Abbey but re-named during the Grail Quest.

      While Galahad was recuperating at the abbey, King Mark of Cornwall poisoned his drink. Another knight named Faram the Black died, but Galahad miraculously survived.