1. Helain
      Helake, Helius, Helyus

      One of the two peasant brothers who were protégés of King Armant of the Delectable Isle and the Red City. They treacherously killed the king and seized his kingdom. Palamedes killed Helain and avenged King Armant’s death.

      Helain is first found in the Prose Tristan, where his brother is unnamed. Malory gives variations of the name - Helake and Helyus - to both brothers. In La Tavola Ritonda, Helain is called Passauver. His name is a variation of Alain, and the spellings are interchangeable.

    2. Helain de Taningues
      Helaine, Helains de Tanningues

      This squire was castellan of a castle in the neighborhood of Taningues. Gawaine visited him anonymously. Helain confided to the knight,

      My people have often blamed me for delaying my entry into the order of chivalry,

      but, after a dream twelve years before, Helaine’s mother made Helaine promise that he would not be knighted by anyone except Gawain; however, every time he sought Gawain at Camelot, Gawain was away on adventures. Eventually, the Lady of Roestoc, who Helaine served, insisted that he be knighted.

      Helaine witnessed an unknown knight defeat Seguarades in combat, and decided that he would be knighted by the victor. He was delighted when he found out that the victor was in fact Gawain, and he was able to keep his promise to his mother. Gawaine dubbed Helain the next day, also promising Helain's beautiful sister to be her true knight, giving her a girdle and a locket which the Lady of Roestoc had given him.

      It's possible Helain was a relative of the Lady of Roestoc.

    3. Helain the Black

      A participant in the tournament at the Pine of the Giant. His uncle was the king of Ireland.

    4. Helain the Brown

      This weak knight was a brief companion of the Good Knight Without Fear.

    5. Helain the Dragon

      One of Arthur’s knights. He fought for Arthur in a battle against the King with a Hundred Knights and the King from Over the Borders of Galone (Land Beyond the Borders of Galone).

      It's possible he is identical with Helains li Dragon.

    6. Helain the White
      Alain li Blanc, Helain li Blans, Helaine, Helaym, Helyam, Helyn

      Son of Bors and the daughter of King Brandegoris. He eventually became Emperor of Constantinople.

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