Arnauld, Arnault, Ernol, Ernols, Ernous, Erveus, Hernol, Hernols, Hernoul, Hernous, Orea, Oria

A count and vassal of Arthur who ruled the castle Carcelois (Carteloise) on the Scottish borderlands. Earl Hernox was good but unfortunate.

His three sons raped and murdered his daughter, then threw him in prison when he tried to punish them. The castle gained a reputation for murder and lechery.

It was visited by Galahad, Perceval, and Bors during the Grail Quest; they slew the sons and liberated Ernol (Hernox) from prison. Ernol, who had been granted a vision of the liberation, died in Galahad’s arms after bidding a hermit to warn Arthur of Lancelot and Guenevere’s treason.