1. Iona

      One of King Arthur's warriors and named as King of France who, according to the Mabinogion story of Culhwch and Olwen, came to Arthur's court.

      The title as King of France is also given to Paris and Gwilenhin in the same story.

    2. Iona
      Gaelic: Innisnam Druidbneach

      A tiny island, 3 miles long by 1 miles wide, which was a pagan stronghold for centuries before the Christians arrived and claimed it as their own. Columba landed there on 12 May 563 and quickly set about establishing his famous monastery.

      The island's Gaelic name is Innisnam Druidbneach, which translates as 'Island of the Druids', reflecting its long Celtic history. However, within a century of the landing of Saint Columba, Iona was pre-eminently Christian.