1. Paris

      The king of France in Welsh legend, who gave his name to the countryís capital. Paris was one of Arthurís warriors.

      Interestingly, the title "King of France" is given to two other warriors - Iona and Gwilenhin - in the same story. In Jean DíOutremeuseís Ly Myreur des Histors, one of Arthurís warriors named Paris of France is given the daughter and lands of the King of Saynes, whom Arthur conquers.

      According to Sommer there is a Priant who is "le pere de Paris" ('father of Paris'), but gives no more information, if Paris is a king or warrior.

      It is thought that Paris may be identical to the French King Paris mentioned in the Mabinogion story of Culhwch and Olwen who, along with another French King, Iona, was said to have been at Arthur's court.

    2. Paris
      Parigi, Paryse, Paryss

      In the chronicles, Arthur fights and kills the Roman tribune Frollo in Paris, thus conquering Gaul. While he was pacifying Gaul and beginning the administration of laws, he made Paris his capital. Within nine years Arthur had conquered all of Gaul and held a court in Paris, establishing the government of that kingdom on a legal footing.

      During Arthurís battles with Emperor Lucius of Rome, he sent the prisoners captured to a prison in Paris. In La Tavola Ritonda, Paris is King Faramon of Franceís capital.