A country in southeast England.

In Octavius's reign it was ruled by Aldolf. In Vortigern's time it was the kingdom of Gwyrangon, but given by Vortigern to the Saxon leader Hengist. Saxons continued to occupy it throughout Arthur's reign.

King Vortimer fought a battle against Hengist in Kent, and Horsa and Vortigernís son Vortiger were slain. Many years later, when Mordred seized the throne of England, most of Kent allied with him. Arthur offered it to Mordred as part of a peace treaty that was never achieved. Kent was a hotly contested piece of land during the time in which Arthur was said to thrive. It was one of the first to fall under the control of the Saxons.

In the Arthurian period Kent would seem to have been under Anglo-Saxon rule and at this time, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, may have been ruled by King Aesc (from year 512), son of Hengist, who reigned AD 488-512. William of Malmesbury says Aesc did not enlarge his father's kingdom, but had to defend it. This implies he had a formidable foe, such as Arthur, with whom to contend.

Bede says that Kent was originally settled by the Jutes, and this has led to an association between Hengist, his brother Horsa, and Jutland, the homeland of the Jutes.

In Drydenís King Arthur, it is ruled by Oswald, Arthurís Saxon enemy.