1. Patrick

      A nobleman from Scotland.

      While Arthur was besieging the Saxons Colgrim and Baldulph (Baldulf) at York, Patrick learned that another Saxon - Cheldric - had landed nearby with a force of soldiers. He rode to York and warned Arthur to break off the siege or be destroyed by Cheldricís onslaught.

    2. Patrick
      Patrices, Patrik

      The son of Duke Mathem of Soane and brother of Avenable, Julius Caesarís wife. At Merlinís advice, Patrick married Caesarís daughter Foldace.

    3. Patrick the Red

      One of Arthurís sons in Rauf de Bounís Petit Brut. His brothers were Adeluf III and Morgan the Black.

    4. Patrick, Saint

      Saint Patrick's dates (389?-461 A.D.) make him a contemporary of Arthur according to the dates given by Malory and the Vulgate.

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The name Patrick means a 'senator', a 'nobleman'.