1. Pinabel

      One of the twelve who accompanied Alexander from Greece to Britain, where Arthur knighted them all at the outset of Count Angrs' rebellion.

      Pinabel was also with Alexander's party when it penetrated Windsor to capture Angrs. Though Pinabel must have survived the episode, Chrétien tells us nothing more about him.

    2. Pinabel

      A Knight of the Round Table present at Corbenic (Carbonek) when Galahad completed the Grail Quest.

    3. Pinabel

      A knight in who fell in love with a maiden named Tessina.

      Tessina’s mother, on condition of marriage, made Pinabel kill Uriées, his own brother, who had slain Tessina’s uncle Garionne. Pinabel did so, sparking a war between him and his other brothers.

      They eventually slew him in the valley of Zetro and Tristan had to save Tessina from the family.