1. Wicked Custom
      Malvagia Usanza

      In La Tavola Ritonda, an island where Tristan and Isolde washed up on their way from Ireland to Cornwall.

      The Castle of Tears, owned by the parents of Lord Galehaut, stood on the island, and Tristan had to conquer it in order to leave the island. In the Prose Tristan, it is called the Giantís Isle. The "Wicked Custom" was that the visiting knightís lady would be compared to the paramour of the islandís lord. Whichever was least beautiful was beheaded.

    2. Wicked Knight
      Chevalier Malfait

      Lancelot called himself the Wicked Knight after his five years of insanity.

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    3. Wicked Knight

      The knight Alban called himself the Wicked Knight. He challenged Lancelot and was defeated.

    4. Wicked Neighbor
      Male Voisine

      The name of a horn blown by one of Sir Parsamantís servants in order to summon people to a fight between Parsamant and another knight.

      Parsamantís treatment of defeated knights was wicked, and Perceval finally ended his custom.

    5. Wicked Pass

      A pass into the giant Caradocís lands, where Caradocís forces battled Arthurís. Lancelot slipped through and went on to the Dolorous Tower to kill Caradoc.