1. Island, Hidden

      An island located in the Uziano Sea. [More]

    2. Island of Battles

      The location where Arthur killed Frollo according to the Vulgate Lancelot. In the chronicles, this fight occurs outside Paris.

    3. Island of Beautiful Maidens
      Ile as Puceles Beles

      An island ruled by Queen Alemandine. Its capital was the White City.

      The island was terrorized by a monster that swallowed the beautiful maidens, but Arthur’s Sir Floriant killed it.

    4. Island of Fairies
      Isle aux Phees

      The Lady of the Island of Fairies, possibly identical to the Queen of Fairy Isle, was the sister of Pellinore. Enraged at her brother’s murder by Gawain, she made all knights who visited the island swear to kill Gawain.

    5. Island of Glass
      Isle de Voirre

      An otherworldly island, ruled in Welsh legend by King Maelwys (Melwas), who abducted Guinevere. Chrétien de Troyes names its ruler as Baron Moloas, which is probably a variation of Maelwys.

      According to Chrétien, the Island of Glass never had storms, was devoid of toads and snakes, and always had a perfect temperature. This description evokes an image similar to the Isle of Avalon, and it therefore supports the identification of Avalon with Glastonbury, which some writers though was once called the Island of Glass. In the Vulgate Lancelot, the Island of Glass is the home of Sir Mador the Black.

      Hartmann von Aue calls this realm the Crystal Isle.

    6. Island of Honey

      An early name of Britain, according to Welsh legend. It had previously been called Myrddin’s Precinct. It was later conquered by Prydein son of Aedd, and became known as Prydein, or Britain.

    7. Island of Joy
      Isle de Joie

      An island in King Pelles’ realm, to which Lancelot retired from the world in shame after enduring five years of insanity. Calling himself the Wicked Knight (Chevalier Malfait), he lived in the Tower of Giants, the Castle Blank, or Bliant’s Castle, and jousted with any knight that happened along.

      In some romances, he co-habitates with Elaine of Corbenic. It was called the Island of Joy because Lancelot hung his shield from a tree outside the castle, and maidens sang and danced around it daily. After ten years, Lancelot was coaxed back to Arthur’s court by Hector and Perceval. Following his departure, the Island of Joy was laid waste and was renamed the Dry Island.

    8. Island of Marvels
      Isle de Merveilles

      An enchanted island which held, among other things, Merlin’s Bed. Mordred was once imprisoned in a tower there, but was rescued by Gawain. Gawain found the Adventurous Sword on the island.

    9. Island of Marvels

      An alternate name for Merlin's Island.

    10. Island of Maidens
      Isle of Virgins

      In Chrétien’s Yvain and the Welsh Owain, a king who is plagued by a pledge to send thirty maidens a year to the Castle of the Most Ill Adventure, where they were imprisoned. Yvain eventually rescued them.

      In the medieval poem Ywain and Gawain, this location is changed to Maidenland; the Norse Ivens Saga names the King of the Isle of Maidens as Reinion.

    11. Island of Need
      Isle Souffroitose

      An island lacking anything pleasant.

      Perceval was warned that kings of the Island of Plenty who failed to prove their worth were banished to the Island of Need.

    12. Island of Plenty
      Isle Plenteürose

      An otherworldly island abundant in riches, food, and pleasantness. It tolerated no unworthy kings, and dispatched inadequate rulers to the Island of Need. Perlesvaus suggests that Perceval became king of the Island of Plenty at the consummation of his adventures.

    13. Island of Servitude

      Isolde of the White Hands accompanies her husband Tristan to an adventure on the Island of Servitude in the Prose Tristan.

    14. Island of the Elephants

      The home of the demonic Knight of the Burning Dragon, who was slain by Perceval. Its chief castle was the Castle of Giants.

    15. Island of the Fountain

      Location of the Fountain of Marvels, where Tristan (Tristram) killed Pharant.

    16. Island of the Gate

      The King of the Island of the Gate was the father of one of Arthur’s Irish knights.

      The Irish knight slept with his mother and sister, slew his father, murdered the rest of his family, and then fell burning from a tower at Camelot. His suicide was one of the marvels surrounding Galahad’s arrival at court.

    17. Island of the Mighty

      Caswallawn conquered this island, thus disinheriting Manawydan fab Llyr.

    18. Island of the Two Brothers

      Named after the brothers Assar and Helyas, who fled to the island from Cornwall after King Mark raped their sister.

    19. Island that Floats
      Ille Qui Flote

      An island ruled by Queen Lingrenote, a sorceress. Her castle was called the Castle Without a Name.

      Her lover, Guengasoain, was Gawain’s enemy.

    20. Island Without a Name
      Ile sans Nom

      An enchanted island whose resident, a sorceress, bewitched unsuspecting knights to defend the island against all visitors. Gawain, who came to the island seeking the Sword with the Strange Hangings, was one of her victims. Trapped on the island, he was forced to fight his friend, Sir Meraugis. He was finally able to escape by feigning death.