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Bohart le Cure Hardy, Bohort, Loholt, Loholz, Amyr(?)

Arthur’s son by his pre-Guenevere leman, Lyzianor.

Sir Borre became “a good knight” and a companion of the Round Table. Borre is probably identical with – whom Malory listed in XIX, 11 –

Sir Bohart le Cure Hardy that was King Arthur's son.

Another knight with the surname “le Cure [Coeur] Hardy” – “the strong heart” – was Sir Ozanna (Ozana), who seems to have been no relation to Borre.

That Borre should be identified with Loholt, or Loholz, who appears in the Vulgate and is mentioned at least once by Chrétien de Troyes, is reasonably evident from the similarity of the mother’s name in each instance.

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