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Bruiant of the Isles

A king and one of King Arthur’s knights. He fought well in tournaments at the Castle of Maidens and at Banborc.

Bruiant gave two magnificent gold and ivory thrones to Arthur and Guenevere as a gift, magnificently sculpted and adorned. Because the giving of such a gift hardly seems compatible with either villainy or enmity to Arthur, Phyllis Ann Karr hesitate to identify Chrétien’s Bruiant with Malory’s Brian of the Isles, especially considering how often the surname “of the Isles” appears in the romance.

Arthur, in turn, gave the thrones to Erec upon his coronation as ruler of Nantes.

Erec | Chrétien de Troyes, late 12th century
Le Bel Inconnu | Renaut de Bâgé, 1185–1190
Escanor | Girart D’Amiens, c. 1280